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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



First and foremost, you should know that I love facilitating workshops.  It's incredible for me to see others learning, not only from me but from one another.

The areas I am most passionate about are trauma-informed care and social-emotional learning.  I have previously worked with children in foster care and believe that life events mold how both children and adults navigate the world.  Social-emotional skills provide the communication tools desperately needed to ensure that our own needs and the needs of others are met.  


Interaction, Collaboration, and Fun

I am a learner-led coach.  This means that workshop attendees have the opportunity to take control of their own learning through sharing of ideas and collaboration with others.

What you won't get from me are long, boring lectures!  All segments are designed to be interactive and thought provoking.  Learners are encouraged to share their ideas throughout the workshop.  One reason I love training and coaching is because I always learn new things from every single session.

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